Indonesian Pornstar Rosemary Radeva in Daddy Did The Babysitter

July 5, 2012

Indonesian Porn star Rosemary Radeva is what is known as a “spinner”, 5’4″ and only 91 lbs. She has perky breasts and a perfectly shaven pussy. Since she has a small mouth, every dick she sucks on looks much bigger than it really is. Her ass is small but has a nice shape to it.

Rosemary Radeva

Rosemary appears with Tommy Gunn’s in the video. Tommy is 22 years older than Rosemary (he’s 45 in the video). I love watching middle age men in their forties fucking girls half their age. I mean, how many wives in their forties have gotten fat and wrinkly? What 45 year old man wouldn’t want to fuck Rosemary?

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